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Becoming a real estate agent is a challenging path, more than just having a license that will allow you to perform a service in exchange of a commission or a fee, it takes self-motivation, enthusiasm, integrity, discipline, commitment, empathy, self-control, professionalism and dedication. Also, the background you bring plays a key factor in the success of your career as a real estate agent.


When choosing this career, it is very wise to ask yourself what will be the aggregated value you could bring to the service you will provide to your customers and clients in a real estate transaction or representation.


In Merca we facilitate you to recognize your strengths to make them part of your own branding, and will make sure you can also recognize your weaknesses, to help you make those a strength or at least work around them to minimize the risk it could bring if you don’t acknowledge where you need some help.
How do we provide a career path for you?


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