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Merca Real Estate Service Culture

At Merca Real Estate Service (Merca), we take seriously the impact of our Culture in all aspects of the business, environment, real estate market, community and all those who choose to  be part  of this corporation. We define our Culture through our Corporate Responsibility.

We are building a solid reputation for professionalism by delivering  on our commitments in line with  professional standards, our core values, management  expectations, the realtor’s code of ethics, client’s and customer’s expectations, and we will  continue to improve and expand our presence in the South  Florida real estate market.

Our Corporate Responsibility commitments are best expressed through the four pillars we follow to better guide our actions and decisions.

    1. Integrity  
    2. Living Green
    3. Sustainable Community Initiative
    4. Diversity  and Inclusion  


These pillars are the base for our core values, to deliver success to our partners, employees, real estate professionals, clients and customers, community, and the real estate market.




Our actions are defined by integrity to sustain our institution and the real estate market we serve. Integrity is composed by all the principle of the Realtor’s Code of Ethics, and forms the heart of our corporate responsibility platform.  Trust, Empathy, Independence, and Objectivity defines the relationship with our clients and customers, and the real estate market, which means that we must always meet the highest standards of professionalism, integrity and transparency.  Our integrity is committed to the services we offer, the clients and customers that engage a representation through us, our professional standards, the employees we hire, the real estate professional that work through us, and the communities where we live and work.


To better support our commitment we are developing an Ethic and Compliance program that will prevent and detect violations of the law, professional standards, and company’s policy to sustain our business Culture.


Living Green


Merca’s actions and decisions always consider the impact that we cause to the company and community environment.  The cause and effect of our business operation changes and growth are always considered before assuming the decisions we make.  We minimize the incidence of our actions in the environment  be recognizing  the needs of our employees and real estate professionals to  become role models for our industry, and better serve the community  where we work. We create awareness to all employees, real estate professionals, clients and customers, or any party that engages a relationship with Merca, we are ambassadors to live better and healthier.





To achieve this, Merca will invest in the creation of the Ethic and Compliance program during 2014.











Sustainable Community Initiative

We love to give back to our community.  Understanding that  we have our corporate operation in Downtown Miami allowed us to  realize how contrasting  our community  is, with  a high  index of homeless and domestic violence that affects the communities progress and growth, Merca is committed to  participate in the community  by providing  support  to  several   non for profit  organizations, such as the Miami Rescue Mission through  the Girlfriend for Girlfriend program, and the Camillus House.  Merca promotes within our employees, real estate professionals, clients and customers, and any other party related to us, to participate and create awareness of the impact that the disadvantaged one cause to our community.  


Diversity and Inclusion

To Merca, the performance of the employees and real estate professionals equals to the success of the company.  Merca provides services to  others, the core of our business is the representation of a customers or client’s interest  to  perform a real estate transaction, and /or manage the relationship of an asset  to  obtain a return through  offering  housing  to  others.  Merca is composed by diversity and inclusion.  We represent people from all over the world and the United States; we must be capable of accepting and respecting all differences between cultures and origins.  

In Merca we value our employees for whom they are, what  they  know, and what  they  can bring  to  the table to be more successful and assertive, to  reaffirm our policy  of providing  equal opportunity for all applicants, employees, real estate professionals regardless of their race, color, creed, religion, age, sex/gender, national origin, ancestry, citizenship status, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, disability, pregnancy, veteran status, genetic information, or other legally  protected status.


This policy applies to recruiting, hiring, rates of pay and other compensation, benefits, promotions, transfers, demotions, terminations, reductions in force, disciplinary actions and all other conditions and privileges of employment.




The effort of building  a business that adheres to  its culture, requires more than just  say it, requires more than just set  goals, it  requires commitment and loyalty  to it.  All  employees, real estate professionals, and excecutive members, are required to obey and be guided through  Merca’s Corporate Representation expressed above.  As a proud member of this company you are responsible to carry out our culture, embrace it, and make it part of your decisions when working or representing Merca in or outside of the office.  


Daniel Quintana

CEO & Managing  Broker