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Integrated and Network Services

At Merca Real Estate Services, we integrate the services needed by a person, family or company when engaging in any real estate transaction. We have the ability to provide the support and guidance that is needed in a residential, commercial or business opportunity transaction.

For foreign individuals, families or entities, we have specialized tailored services which recognize any needs that include, but are not limited to, legal and immigration aspects when carrying out an economic activity in the United States. Merca’s network include immigration and business attorneys, as well as certified public accountants that will advise you through the transaction process you need to successfully conclude a real estate transaction in South Florida.

Residential Real Estate Services

Merca represents you in the purchase, sale and/or rental of your home, vacation property or investment property, i.e for the purpose of obtaining a passive income and/or capital gain.

Merca and its associates understand the need of any investor when it comes to investing funds either in a pre-construction or a resale property by strategizing the income generating platform at the time of acquisition. The strategy implemented, depending on the needs, provides the necessary analysis needed from each market based on the investment budget and the type of return wanting to obtain

Property and Asset Management Services

Merca’s management service is designed for absentee owners and investors who own residential or commercial properties for investment to obtain passive income. Whether it be a single investment property or an investment portfolio, the management service is tailored to your desired return. This service is offered through Merca Property Management, a sister division of Merca Real Estate Services. For information on how we can assist you in your investment strategy, please visit www.mercapm.com.

Real Estate Financing

Merca keeps up-to-date with current financial institution trends and opportunities regarding current loans available, for either domestic or foreign buyers. For foreigners, the service includes matching the buyer with lenders that offer financing for purchase based on nationality. For domestic buyers, the options could be limitless; thus it is very important to provide buyers with the support needed to obtain financing and understanding financing products from the moment there is an intention of buying with financing, lines of credit and/or other financing tools opportunities available in the South Florida market.

Commercial Real Estate Services

If interested in commercial real estate for a store/retail, franchise, restaurant, or interested in multifamily or office building, Merca provides the support and service needed to successfully reach the results originally outlined. The South Florida market is complex and requires having good relationships with other Brokers while knowing the area of interest from beginning to end. Merca’s commercial department provides representation in the purchase, sale or lease of commercial spaces

Business Opportunity

Merca Real Estate is a proud member of the Business Brokers of Florida (BBF) since 2014 and its associates responsibly work as business brokers in South Florida. The business expertise is in the gas services station industry, dental offices, fitness centers, restaurants to name a few. Representation services are confidential and transparent so that the parties involved can understand the process from the beginning to the end. It is important to be represented by a firm with a business reputation and education that exceeds the common knowledge of the industry.

Relocation Coaching

Through Merca’s experience, relocation coaching has been recognized as an important need in the industry, and thus have advised different customers in the relocation process from abroad to South Florida. The services, experience and the wisdom that Merca has obtained, allow for coaching those who come from Venezuela, Argentina among other Latin-American countries, to become part of the culture and society of South Florida as well as become a success story while integration and assimilation occurs to their new country.